We have a dynamic team of young as well as experienced people who believe in consistent development of our company. With automation and our in-house testing capabilities, we assure the best quality products and service.

The infrastructure of the company provides a Lab for testing. Our in-house Research and Development department ensures that we stay a step ahead of our competitors and that our clients get the latest and most reliable state of the art products. Our team works relentlessly to absorb with the new technology for continuous growth.

Management provides necessary timely training and activities which empowers all the staff and workers to think, create, understand and work together towards a common goal.

We believe that our feedback system is very essential for any technology to be meaningful. It helps in short cutting disconnections. We have successfully created a compelling method which advocates for the experience that we have created for our customers.

We have a micro lab which is used to prepare cross sections of Conductor crimps and insulation crimps easily and comfortably within a few minutes. After cutting, polishing and etching of the sample, the image of the cross section can be visualized on the screen, on which Comprehensive quality checks of the crimp can be performed by using the special designed image processing software X-Scan.

For machine which are manually operated to control defects, operation CFA is implemented. The CFA provides a very stable and reliable force monitoring system that can be used on all the crimping presses. The CFA will alert operators to a suspected bad crimp by an audible alert and by stopping and blocking the press, thus reducing the scrap.

Potting machine
For capacitor and pulsar coil assembly potting operation is carried out to protect it against shock and vibration, or to stop moisture or corrosive agents from getting near the electronics. To carry out potting operation we have installed a state of the art automatic potting machine with key benefits. Accurate mixing with advanced precision gear metering, homogeneous mix which assists in achieving a completely bubble free potting. Machine is self-monitoring ensures accurate mixing ratio, and potting quality.

For operations like cable cutting, cable stripping, cable twisting, cable tinning, cable crimping single side as well as double side, we have World’s best technology KOMAX, KODERA with quality control features: CRIMP FORCE ANALYSER to detect and separate bad crimping

Wave Soldering Machine is used for bulk soldering process for soldering electronic component and cable on PCB panel. The PCB with component is passed over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces an upwelling of solder that looks like a standing wave. As the PCB makes contact with this wave, the components gets soldered to the PCB. Wave Soldering Machine helps in achieving uniform Soldering on PCB.

Technology in Foam

Adhesive coating Operation:
Adhesive coating is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material. The adhesive is applied to the material using a “dry phase” method to form a single product which has the properties of the combination of the material + adhesive.